Quick Snaps - Episode 27 - Post Draft 2014


Costaki  & Aaron  return for a June episode of your favorite NFL Comedy show, Quick Snaps  . Josh Gordon gets some love, Johnny Football, Tim Tebow and everyone's favorite clown, Chad Ochocinco. 

Stick around till the end for some timely World Cup jokes! 
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Quick Snaps - Episode 26 - Pre-NFL Draft


Brand spanking new Quick Snaps just in time to get you hyped up for the NFL Draft. How many Johnny Manziel refrences can we make? Is Teddy Bridgewater, Ted Kennedy's nickname or a possible 1st round draft pick. 

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Quick Snaps - Episode 25 - Free Agency


Golden Taint.....eh.... Tate has signed with the Detroit Lions. So now the Lions receivers are Johnson and Taint? They should bring Riley Cooper along so they'll have a Johnson, a taint and an asshole.

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Quick Snaps - Episode 24 - Offseason Jokes!


We're back like we never left. We had Michael Sam come out as gay, the Combine's are in full swing and so are the jokes. 

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Quick Snaps - Episode 23 - Super Bowl Edition


The 12th Man loves Quicks Snaps. You should too. 

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Quick Snaps - Episode 22 - Pro Bowl Edition


Costaki's on Radio Row, The Pro-Bowl was AMAZING! Prop Bets galore! It's almost Super Bowl time! 

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Quick Snaps - Episode 21 Conference Championship Week


It's The Super Bowl and both teams are from states that have legalized marijuana. Pack your SUPER BOWLS!
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Quick Snaps - Episode 20 NFL Playoffs


Usually when you have a blunt, you pass. The Patriots decided to run. Peyton Manning is constantly plugging for additional endorsements. The NFL is fun

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Quick Snaps - Episode 19 NFL Wildcard Weekend 2014


Wildcard Weekend was an exciting batch of football. Quick Snaps breaks it down funny style! 

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Quick Snaps - Episode 18 - Week 17 NFL Jokes


Orton is Irish for Romo. Colts go out on a high note after beating the Jaguars. Costaki beat his kid at chess. Look out Bobby Fischer. 

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